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See EMO Free for a full understanding of what E.F.T. can do for you.

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National Council for Hypnotherapy

Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T)

E.F.T. is the latest in meridian therapies (thought field therapy) which complement hypnotherapy.

E.F.T. is suitable for treating many kinds of distressing stress-related problems such as:-

"I went to Ros for help with a needle phobia. I have now managed to have my first injection since the age of four and feel able to cope with any treatment I may need in the future.

Ros has changed my life completely and I can not thank her enough for this." JB. (Full reference available to see.)

"Claustrophobia was ruining my quality of life, crowds and travel being the most obvious, but it crept into every corner of my day.  Ros, using EFT, gave me the freedom I had not felt for ages and I stood in a crowd of 40,000 to listen to a hero from my youth. Thanks Ros"  Vicki S.

I learnt to swim about 2 years ago but still felt anxious about going out of my depth. Ros gave me EFT treatment to overcome this fear. The next time I went for a swim, I felt calm and relaxed about swimming over the deep end. I was elated and can now enjoy swimming at my local swimming baths. Thanks again Ros" Angela